Plast-Pack Matter | June 2012

Sacla F.lli S.p.a. – A new squeeze bottle for pesto


One of the Italian leaders in the food segment, Sacla F.lli S.p.A., has developed a pesto sauce especially conceived for direct application on pasta, potatoes, sandwiches, etc., from a 182 ml squeeze bottle made of PP/EVOH/PP. Once opened, the product will keep for about four weeks in the fridge.


LCS – The launch of head down squeeze bottle


LCS has produced a repulsive product for cats and dogs. It launched this product on the market in three innovative squeeze bottles of 290 ml, 515 ml, 740 ml. The substance comes out of the bottle easily, thanks to the large neck of the closure.


Bufis AG – New bottle line with exclusive TE Press-on closure

This enterprise, based in Gossau (SG) Switzerland, specializes in high standing quality food. It is going to put on the market three innovative squeeze bottles for sauces, of 340 ml, 640 ml, 1040 ml, all equipped with a brand new 55 mm press-on top with a valve.


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